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Transforming Care

Care Education and Treatment Reviews (CETRs)


NHS England and Pathways Associates are pleased to present three webinars for families and professionals who would like a simple, quick, accessible introduction to CARE EDUCATION AND TREATMENT REVIEWS FOR CHILDREN AND YOUNG PEOPLE.


The webinar links are below and explain what a CETR is, how to request a CETR and offer tips on how to contribute to a CETR.  If you work with children or young people with a learning disability or who are autistic, please click on the links below to view our interactive ‘bite size’ learning sessions and hear more about how CETRs can become part of your working practice.


CETRs for families: The right to ask

This webinar explores the purpose of a CETR and the benefits of improving outcomes for families.  

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CETRs for schools and SEND leads

This webinar shares the outcomes associated with CETRs for children who have additional needs, and how CETRs can complement existing processes including Education Health and Care Plans.  The webinar explores how a CETR can be helpful in an education setting.


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CETR for Children’s Social Workers

This webinar explains the collaboration and partnership working within the aims of the Transforming Care Programme.  It explains how CETRs can enhance multi-agency working to support young people when behaviours escalate and helps Social Workers understand how they can best contribute to a CETR if they are called to attend.


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4th May 2019

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