Personalisation event coordination

Arranging and coordinating networks and events to promote the personalisation of health and other services.

We are commissioned to design, deliver and offer facilitation support to one day events for the NHS and partners, including expert sessions, speakers, providing specialist content, and provide event coordination, including venue and catering costs. Pathways Associates has sufficient capacity to offer facilitation for up to 20 networks with an average of 30 delegates per event (including speakers), and each network will meet once every two months.

Pathways Associates oversee the quality assurance of the programme, including evaluation of and feedback from events. The aim is to support increased usage of personal health budgets and greater personalisation of services. As in all our work we involve people with learning disabilities, autism and family members/carers in planning and delivering training and events.

Target Audience:

NHS and partner organisations

Length of course:

Bespoke according to needs

Delivered by:

Colin Elliott

Colin Elliott
Associate Consultant
07975 809 820

Colin began his career in social care in 1985 as a care assistant, working with adults with learning and physically disabilities. More recently he has supported North West Directors of Adult Social Services in developing responses to adults with a learning disability, their families and carers at a time when many councils are facing increasing demand for support and reducing budgets.

Colin has managed residential care services for older people, care management and assessment teams and designed and commissioned a wide range of services for adults living with HIV and adults with drug and alcohol problems. He has also worked with the Government on behalf of Local Authorities, Health and other agencies in the North West to develop and oversee joint approaches to housing and supporting asylum seekers and refugees, helping people to integrate into local communities and find work.

Colin led drug and alcohol strategy and commissioning in Manchester on behalf of the Local Authority, Health, Police, Probation and Prison Services. He was responsible for redesigning one of the country’s largest drug treatment systems, and improved treatment options and outcomes by involving drug users, their families and carers in designing new services.

Most recently Colin worked as an Assistant Director for Manchester City Council. During his time in post he led on many aspects of social care strategy and policy and was responsible for the social care services provided and commissioned by the council. These included supported housing, day support and other services for learning disabled adults, their families and carers.

Colin’s approach to partnership working and strategic leadership at regional and national levels have been informed by his experience of supporting people as a front line worker. He is committed to helping people to exercise real choice and control over their lives and to achieve the outcomes that are important to them.