About us

NWTDT/ Pathways Associates are both not for profit organisations operating as social enterprises, re-investing any surplus into delivering our shared Vision, Values and Mission.

Is that disabled people live the lives they choose as equals in society and their local communities

We facilitate the full inclusion of disabled people in community life, through partnerships with disabled people, families and organisations.

We shall achieve our mission by:

We shall demonstrate courageous leadership in working to secure our vision.  We shall be led by the experiences and expertise of disabled people and their families

We are committed to working in partnership with disabled people, families, organizations and communities to improve local outcomes and to help them to influence the development and implementation of relevant policy and strategy

We know that the diversity in our team and in our communities is our greatest asset.  We shall work to nurture it

We shall continue to work across sectors (develop ground-breaking tools) to break down barriers faced by disabled people

We deliver real solutions that work for our partners

We will share learning gained through the experiences and knowledge of all our partners

We are committed to delivering support to our partners drawn from best practice that is of the highest quality

We demonstrate integrity in all our dealings with each other, our partners in organizations and our communities.