Quality of Life Evaluations

Pathways Associates CIC are working with Carolyn Brennan of NHSE Specialist Commissioning.To evaluate the Quality of Life of approximately 12 people with learning disabilities in the North West of England who have moved from Hospital / ATU ideally over the past 6 to 18 months under the Transforming Care agenda. The work will take place between November  and the end of December this year. 

The intention is that once the project is complete,recommendations will be made by Pathways Associates CIC to those taking forward evaluation of the Transforming Care programme and sustainable improvement in NHSE. About the ways in which the process of people moving into the community and their quality of their lives can be improved. 

The aim of this project is to evaluate the quality of life of four people from each sub region within the North West:   

An element of the work will be for trained Experts by Experience /Quality Checkers to support NHS England discover the life outcomes and stories of people, by spending time with them, their family, friends and paid staff to help NHS better understand the quality of life of people moving into the community.

A lot of the people we visit really like this work.One person we visited said “The project was really good” “I met a friend through doing the quality of life project”

If you have details of potential participants and providers who are willing to take part or you would like to discuss this work further please contact:



21st November 2018

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