NHS Ten Year Plan

The NW Regional Forum and family forum were keen for their voices to be heard in advising on the priorities for the NHS ten year plan, particularly the priority for learning disabilities and autism.
We have supported LDE to deliver an event in the NW and Lynn James-Jenkinson and Vicki Buckingham represented the NW Regional Forum and family forum at 2 events in London with Ray James, David Gill and the national team. We have shared the plans we have in the NW:

  1. the GM learning disability plan
  2. the learning disability plan that we have started supporting cheshire/ Mersey coproduce
  3. the work that has been done at the Pan Lancs/ South Cumbria Confirm and Challenge group.

We are delighted to hear Ray James, on this video (shown below), talk about the health inequalities faces by people with learning disability, autism or both and their families and the unnecessary and preventable deaths of people.

From what we have seen through coproduction, the plan has nothing in it that we have not already identified as something important to us in the NW. We are confident that whatever the NHS 10 year plan says, it will sit easily and support the work we are already doing.
Well done NW - working together means that again we will be ahead of the game....

UPDATE 10/1/19: NHS have now setup a website, with lots of information on: https://www.longtermplan.nhs.uk

8th February 2019

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