Greater Manchester Learning Disability Strategy

Greater Manchester Health and Social care Partnership asked NWTDT/ Pathways for support to write a Plan for Learning Disability for Greater Manchester. We were asked because of NWTDT 30 year history of working in partnership to support health and social care learning disability supports and services across the NW. NWTDT/ Pathways has worked to build positive relationships and partnerships with children and adults with learning disability, autism or both, families, friends, providers and commissioners across the NW.

To lead this work we reviewed, with the Greater Manchester Confirm and Challenge Group, all of the work that we have done over the years to identify the priorities together from the perspective of people with learning disabilities and families in Greater Manchester. 10 priorities were identified with an additional priority of strategic leadership and a short introduction to the plan which sets out the underpinning values for Greater Manchester.

We facilitated an event, Bee Here Now, in December 2017 to work collaborative to develop these priorities and identify some bold steps that people wanted to see to start to really make a difference.

The first draft of the plan was shared with the Greater Manchester Confirm and Challenge group and amended to make sure we had all listened properly before it was shared far and wide across Greater Manchester.

In July 2018 Lynn James-Jenkinson with the support of self-advocates and families representing the Greater Manchester Confirm and Challenge Group presented the Learning Disability Plan for Greater Manchester  to the Greater Manchester Combined Authorities group chaired by Lord Peter Smith and attended also by John Rouse (Chief Officer of the Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership), Andy Burnham (Mayor of Greater Manchester) and the CEX's of every Greater Manchester CCG and Local Authority where the plan was given unanimous support to move now to implementation. The Greater Manchester Combined Authorities group are keen to continue to be actively involved in leading and implementing the plan and have asked NWTDT/ Pathways to support self-advocates and families to regularly feedback progress and share any barriers to implementation that may need their support.

On reflection we believe that the content of the plan was so well received because the way the plan was written was so different - we started with the voices of people with a learning disability who live in Greater Manchester.

18th October 2018

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